Volcano Pedicure and Pamper-Mie Pedicure are $10 OFF!!!

Both of our most luxurious pedicures are $10 OFF!

The Volcano Pedicure is our newest ultra pampering pedicure.

Immerse your overworked feet into a Volcanic eruption!

The Volcano includes Keratin Glove Treatments for your hands.

Our Pamper-Mie Pedicure has been a customer favorite to spoil oneself.

The Pamper-Mie includes Paraffin Wax Treatments for your hands and feet.

The Pamper-Mie Pedicure is the Platinum level pedicure experience!

These two 50-60 minute pedicures have all the extras, hot towels, callus smoothing treatments, foot scrubs, sugar scrubbing, foot masks, extra deep foot massages, essential oils and skin lotions.

You have worked so hard and deserve to pamper yourself.